"The Rattler" High Pole 
Available in Gray and Yellow and Pink
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This ain't got nothin' to do with The Rattler, but...

The class runs for 4-8 hours where you'll listen to the wah-wah-wah of becoming a pilot driver.  You'll get the ins and outs of what it actually is.  You'll learn what to do.  You'll learn what not to do.  Then...you'll take a test.  Just like being back in school, only this teacher is way hot! (okay, so that may be braggin' just a bit...the writer is her daughter who looks just like her) 

Generally classes are held in Weatherford Texas, or wherever Roxie happens to be at the time. Texas, Washington, Michigan...She's a busy woman!  The more blokes wanting to get certified in one location, Roxie will travel just about anywhere, iffin' she ain't escorting the big truck on a heavy load.  
Want to be a pilot escort vehicle operator?
Co-owner, Roxanne Carroll, can get you certified and on the road to doing just that.  She herself is a pilot escort vehicle operator (or what we cool guys call a Pilot,  Some call them Escorts :o).  Roxie is really a jack of all trades - She's a Certified Pilot Car Instructor.  She pilots her husband (he hauls wind towers) across the country.  She co-owns and manages a multi pilot car business.  She co-owns and manages AMC Pilot Car Supply.  She can build The Rattler from scratch.  Heck, she can change oil and fix a flat faster than you can say, "who's that lady?"
Get Schooled

​Out of your pocket and into ours

$339 | Full Class, 8hr

(it'll cost ya more if she has to travel to you)  


$315.00 | Full Class, 8hr

Send us a request to get certified.  We'll holler back and make arrangements with you to get you certified before the next rain fall.  That's a lie.  We'll get you certified as soon as you and the teacher can work out a time to meet up.