"The Rattler" High Pole 
Available in Gray and Yellow and Pink
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Introducing the new Rattler High Pole
Have you been searching and searching for a high pole?
Everyone was comfortable with the high poles on the market. Then suddenly, one major brand became unavailable - for months. Necessity is the mother of invention! It was time for a totally new design, not just a modified painter or flag pole.

This pilot car High Pole has been designed and built by one of our own. We wanted to give you something better than the best, so look no further. This is the high pole you’ve been waiting for!

The new “Rattler Pole” is non-conductive fiberglass and can reach up to 26’. With the purchase of added extensions (sold separately), it will reach an additional 7’…for a total of 33 feet!

The new “Rattler Tip” is designed with inner & outer sections to make a more audible noise when striking an object. Flexible enough to bend 180 degrees, yet still stays rigid at high speeds and high winds.

The locking collars are more user friendly. No more struggling to get twist lock connectors loose. Just flip the lever up to loosen, slide section and flip lever down with thumb to lock. Fits in standard size 2” mounts, just like the other brands.
Nothing to change.

New gray color blends into background for less distraction, and eye fatigue when driving. Traditional yellow also available. Both colors will have the same high visibility rattler tip with the reflective marking.  
Comes complete with worm gear clamps for each section, for added safety. Optional hand-tighten t-bolt clamps available (sold separately).

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